SOUTH PARK: uncensored.

Fighter of Zaron - Warrior Randy

Staaan?! Five episodes are banned from the official South Park Studios because of death threats by followers of Islam, a “religion of peace”. However troublesome, succumbing to threats of violence means that evil prevails… We can't let that happen, Stan.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ―Nicolas Chamfort

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ―George Bernard Shaw

“If we want a robust society, we need more robust dialogue, and that must include the right to insult or to offend.” —Rowan Atkinson

Weight Gain 4000

S01E02 available on SPS? No.

Super Best Friends

S05E03 available on SPS? No.

Best Friends Forever

S09E04 available on SPS? No.

Cartoon Wars Part 1

S10E03 available on SPS? No.

Cartoon Wars Part 2

S10E04 available on SPS? No.


S14E05 available on SPS? No.


S14E06 available on SPS? No.


S14E10 available on SPS? Yes.

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Thanks to everyone who reached out. However, SPU only provides the censored episodes in the USA. The entire globe lies beyond my scope.

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Updated on 11 Jan 2024.

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“The videos don't work.” They're probably taken offline. If you want to help keep these episodes available, go to and search for “south park season n” where n is the season's number. Click on the magnet to download the files with Transmission. Right-click on the torrent and click on “Properties” → “Files” to only download the censored episodes. In good conscience, watch this South Park episode about piracy, or read some arguments: 1, 2.